Reduced Ordinance Map of London




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Reduced Ordinance Map of London by Cruchley Map & Globe Maker, 81 Fleet St
Medium: Print, partially colored
Dates: 1822 - 1875
Condition: very good, sheet has been folded (It's a "folding map" so that is expected.)
Reference: Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers, p 139
George Frederick Cruchley (1796-1880) was a London-based book and map seller active in the 19th century.

Cruchley began his cartographic career in the publishing firm of Aaron Arrowsmith. In 1823, he set up on his own at 38 Ludgate Street until 1834, when he moved to 81 Fleet Street. He would later acquire a great deal of Arrowsmith's stock. In 1844, he took over the stock of George and John Cary, which he republished until 1876.
Cruchley is best known for his detailed plans of London which in recent years have become increasingly scarce and sought after.
In 1877 his entire stock was sold at auction with many of the plates being brought by Gall and Inglis. Cruchley himself passed away in Brighton.

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