Peasant Tunic in Big Red by Anokhi




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So very comfortable and flattering, our peasant tunic from Anokhi has elaborate border detail at hem, up sides and around arms. Split neck and drawstring waist. 31.5 inches long down the center back, and 26 inches side seam to side seam with drawstring relaxed. Tassles at hem. 

The tradition of hand block printing is preserved in the Anokhi line. Through Faith Singh, Anokhi's British designer, this ancient textile art has been revived in modern designs and exotic patterns, ranging from pastel florals to dramatic geometrics. Unique designs, block-printed cotton textiles, and superb hand construction are Anokhi's signature in the design world. 

Anokhi is well known for its success in preserving and revitalizing traditional textile skills, and for its involvement with educational and social projects in Rajasthan, India, where the company is based and its products produced.

Anokhi hand block printing, on the highest quality pure cotton, begins with handmade teak printing blocks. For each scarf pattern, the printer designs from one to thirty print blocks, each of which takes two days to carve. 

Printers stamp every three-meter block of cloth approximately one thousand times. All the embroideries and decorative stitching are
done by hand, mostly by the Meghwal community in the district of Barmer, in the Thar desert region of Northwest India. 

Anokhi first appeared in London in 1970. 

Printing is done twice yearly in limited collections.

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