Cape Cod Wood Chart Map




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Wood Chart map of Cape Cod, MA.

Referred to locally simply as "The Cape," it's historically a summer getaway for maritime-minded folks seeking sunny beaches and old-world charm. In other seasons, the Cape serves as an invaluable barrier island, shielding much of the Massachusetts coastline from North Atlantic storm waves.

Starting with a bathymetric chart (the underwater equivalent of a topographic map), we use laser-cutters to carve the contours into sheets of Baltic birch and glue them together to create a powerful visual depth. We hand stain select layers blue so it's easy to discern land from water, etch major byways into the land, then frame the whole thing in a custom, solid-wood frame and protect it with a sheet of durable, ultra-transparent Plexiglas.

25.5" x 31". Shipping is included.
Shipping is included

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