About Us

Living the Lab is a Living MacTavish production, an online lifestyle destination and sometime pop-up boutique offering an eclectic curated selection of goods for the home and self.

Living MacTavish was founded by Susan MacTavish Best in 2011 to inspire people to gather their friends and family together over food and drink with the minimum of fuss and pomp all the while in a home that is welcoming to everyone. The art of casually bringing together our friends has been lost in this era of texting, social gaming, tweeting, IM’ing, and frenetic scheduling. Our always-on lives have become so fast-paced yet few things are more enjoyable than slowing down for a spell to spend time with those close to us and new friends alike. Creating the space, the atmosphere, and the menu should be enjoyable and simple. Living MacTavish was created to make it thus.

"My philosophy is that casual entertaining is something we all can look forward to with the minimum of stress. So many people feel the need to aim for perfection when having their friends over and that is a shame! Perfection is highly over-rated. Rather, having friends over is fun, and fooling around in the kitchen is a great relaxer, a wonderful time to unwind and unplug all the while bringing people for nourishment of the mind and body." Susan MacTavish Best